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2010-07-14 01:04:13 by JosephurusEuphraties

just as a general rule, well maybe not, but i make all of my music with headphones in. so, they might not sound as awsome should you just be using speakers of any kind >.< idk if theres a way to make a middle ground or not, because ive tried making songs without headphones and im just never satisfied with the sounds.


2010-07-01 00:03:16 by JosephurusEuphraties

Ive posted 2 songs so far about 2-3 weeks ago. Hope theyre up soon since im a new user. Still making more even though my first few havent appeared lol. but i would appreciate as much advice as possible so i can put it to use for future songs. Btw, i use the most recent version (i believe) of Fruity loops. It took me forever to realize you could export music without saving it if you dont have the full version. So im just getting comfortable using this program and will probably not change anytime soon.